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Bamboo Bridge - 4" Width

$ 14.00 

These bamboo bridges are made custom. They are made out of bamboo and paracord making them mold resistant and great for humid enclosures as well as desert enclosures. As long as the bridge has a chance to dry out each day, there will be no issue. If you have an enclosure that stays above 80% humidity and has very little airflow, we recommend the full paracord bridges instead. These bridges come with either suction cups that hold up to 3lbs or hooks. Please be sure to specify in the notes which one you would like to come with your bridge. Because these bridges are made by hand, sizing can vary, all bridges will be at least the size listed, and can be adjusted with the loops on the end of the bridge. Bridges take around 7-10 business days to make before shipping out. If you order more than one handmade item, it may take a few additional days to complete your order. 

**Note: We are more than happy to do custom colors. Please select the custom color and specify what color you would like instead. We will then email you 5-8 color choices for you to choose from.  Because we have to order the custom color, your bridge may take 3-4 additional days to ship.