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Hanging Coconut

$ 9.00 

Coconuts back in stock middle of March!!!

These hides work great in humid enclosures and can be filled with sphagnum moss to make a great humid hide. Either suspend it from the screen top of your enclosure, or select the suction cup option, so that you can suspend it from anywhere in your tank or tub. You can also select the option to get a clump of Sphagnum Moss put in the hide for cushioning. We use our coconut hides as moist hides in our Arboreal enclosures by suspending them with a suction cup and adding a clump of Sphagnum moss to the inside. Can take between 5-7 business days to ship while we make your coconut. 

Small Coconut: Great for reptiles 20 grams and under, including Juvenile Crested Geckos, Anoles, Tree Frogs, and Eurydactylodes. Are the lightwr ones and are not dehusked. 

Large Coconut: Perfect for Adult Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Abronia, Velvet Geckos, Large Tree Frogs, and other reptiles of similar size. Large Coconuts are the darker ones and are dehusked.